вівторок, 7 жовтня 2014 р.

You see, but you don't observe (c)

By and large everybody in the whole world thinks that we should modernize new technologies, which help us to understand other people. As a matter of fact, the ability to “undress” people’s emotions and to have password to their life is easy and the movements of others around us is readable enough.  Sometimes we are mixed up by ourselves and that’s why we jump to conclusions and misinterpret something. But the secret of people’s mind is not necessarily in long terms – we just have to observe.
You can never tell who is the best person to observe. I’ve chosen my neighbor Anna, because she likes me and displays more emotions in my company.  The main thing we have to bear in mind is that she hates stubbornness and never flirts with boys, so she’s quite an unusual girl. So far, so good: it was hard to make photos of her and understand what she exactly feels like. 

Firstly, she hates keeping an eye contact while talking. I guess it is because she looks out for better words. I usually can’t see her eyes (she has a long hair), but I think she does it 10 times per minute or thereabouts. 

When Anna feels stressed or goes red, she eats a lot of stuff from sweats to fruits. As I was saying, she is a strange girl (I like it). She sits on her bed and watches films or cartoons, what is a cute combination.

If she feels impatient, she starts to tap her fingers. I guess I have the same gesture because of feeling dissatisfied with something. However, when we were talking on the phone and then we lost contact with each other (we were cut off), she felt very angry. Nevertheless, the post calling the kettle back, isn’t it? 

Lastly, when I say that I washed up, she leans forward and looks into the sink observing the result (I’m not a good neighbor, I suppose). 

Anyway, it is interesting to catch up with all her habits. I think I’ll continue this interesting activity.

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  1. Are you eager to learn a skill of reading people like a books? Do you think that results will always content you?

  2. Nice observation, you're observant person if you know so much details about your neighbour. Keep doing it, and maybe you'll become a second Sherlock))

  3. Don't you think that an excessive observation can be your neighbour's pet hate?
    No, Julia, she'll be the second Lightman)

  4. It was quite absorbing to read your ehmm.. investigation:)
    Of course, it`s difficult to guarantee that nothing was misinterpreted, but to my mind you sorted this out!

  5. Everyone has his own gestures and the most common is to drum fingers, as for me.