середа, 1 жовтня 2014 р.

Reflection or rejection?

Everybody wants to rule the world - that's an undoubtful thing. The truth is, that we convert our understanding of one important fact. Though it is hard to express ourselves, we are "homeless" kings and queens.
Our world is not suitable enough for us, so we try to be small "terrorists" of our minds. We depose a usual way of doing things. As a result, we form a composite reflection of the world and new ways to develop our brains. 
Every art is firstly misunderstood, because it destroys a monologue of only one outlook. It may be a wish to end pseudo-natural kind of culture, to suspect something new and wonderful to be found in the shatters.
Greeks were impressed by how a debris may enforce their development. Romans believed that imposed activities are better to make a replacement of a routine. Professor Moriarty said "All my life I've been searching for destruction" in a very terrifying way. However, he was a genius, and it might be really useful to know that every human being has a irreplaceable connection with destruction.
After tearful ending there always comes a triumphal beginning. Dark things are not bad and light ones are not good as well. That's the main point and the part of a microcosm we live in and around.

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  1. Maybe, the most important thing in our life is to tip the balance? The life is too boring when nothing happens. No news is good news? Actually, not.

  2. Darth Vader would burn you at the stake for such progressive ideas and Zelinska would put an additional point. In any case, I agree with you, we need to adapt to what is going on in a modern world and protect everything essential what is left.