неділя, 26 квітня 2015 р.

I will survive

You know, guys, being a student from our departmant is a daunting task. You can't take your time and put your feet up, because there are so many things to do! As far as I know, that there are many things that turn out not to be so hard, especially during yor classes of English Vocabulary.
Firstly, get organized. Write everything down, carry out all the projects, hand in your papers on time and so on. Do not play truant and don't put off making decisions and doing your vocabulary tasks. Happy-go-lucky is not the same as lazy bones. Do not loose your sense of responsibility, especially during group tasks.
Secondly, while trying to submit your blogposts, understand, what is useful and what is not. Do not use the words, in which you are not sure.
By the way, you have to grasp the importance of all the links which are introduced, because some of them are useful even in yor everyday tasks.
Moreover, get on well with your professor and don't loose touch with each other. It can be very useful to have an ability to ask questions. Don't be scared, professor do not bite. Literally.
Talk a lot. You don't have to be a real know-all, but talking allows you to become not so diffident. Be passionate about your tasks, choose things, which are really interesting for you!
Also I would advice you to single out few programs (for making video, etc.) and use them all the time. I had to reinstall Windows, because I could hardly find any suitable programme. It was hard to come to terms with that, but I did it and know choose everything more careful.
Love what you do. Really. You will be lost if you don't love what you do. Everybody has a vivid imagination, and this course is the right one to use it.
Finally, do not let anything to pry into your life. Studying is good, but don't set too hard standarts for yourself and don't think about your final blogpost while you're asking somebody out. No one would like to hear anything like "I can hardly wait when our love at first sight develops into something more and we stick together for good".
Good luck!

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