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No matter what

Book company “No matter what
My name is Richie Tosier and I am one of the owners and creators of a company “No matter what”, which has succeeded in creating literature and beautiful books on an extraordinary and unusual basis. Our motto is “Sticking to our aim and accomplishing everything!” We are interested in forming a modern promptly working staff with the feeling of team spirit. Few years ago we started our job ruthlessly in a small shop and tried to achieve a common goal. We have put everything at stake… and we did it. We wanted everyone to forget about his/her own pet hates, problems, deadlocks, everything disruptive and come to read. What we do is fulfilling enough to try everyday our best. People come to us with their ideas, share them with us and want us to resolve problems in their hearts in exchange of a particular sum of money. We draw illustrations for them and with them, we help them to form what they feel in words – and that is how we sort everything out. Children are able to sit with our specialists, who help them to be resourceful and to enterprise new ideas in their lives. We do not have any rules but two: “Be nice and don’t settle a dispute” and “Use your initiative”.
                We have fifteen shops in different places in the whole world and one, which sets an example in London. In all of them workers get their money on their credit cards, but it is paid also in cash. Everybody has an ability to check all the transactions in a bank statement. In order to prevent closure, we return all the money our employees have because of job expenses. Moreover, we have a lot of benefits for proactive people. We foster a performance-related bonus scheme and have company pension scheme. However, we have a maternity/paternity leave, but insist on finishing by worker his/her last book, which was ordered by a client. Our offices are always well-cleaned and cozy so that everyone could have a mutual feeling of loyalty and kindness to each other.
                We need two people to delegate our tasks in Dublin – a writer and an artist in the children’s section. A writer has to be ready for a deluge, which may happen sometimes. You have to be able not to lose a train of thoughts before finishing your job of absorbing into somebody’s mind. If you are unproductive, it would be hard for you to work. Every job requires being inundated, but not very often, of course. As for an artist, you have to be diligent, dependable and able to tackle every problem, because imagination is not a place, where you can pass the buck. And do not bury your head in the sand, because you are going to work with children. By and large, both of the employees do not have to procrastinate. Our company is also not a place where people can blow anything out of proportion.
                Actually there is one main thing you can’t neglect to remember: you must love literature. Pile up new ideas, dream and know, that collaboration with your colleague is the only thing which bails you out.

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  1. Nice post, now I want to read some literature and not to resolve my problems)). Anyway, I won't bury my head into the sand and will cope with all stuff, but soon I will read something, thanks)

  2. Really, reading books fosters our imagination and stimulates brain's work. It would be really nice to have a possibility to apply for such kind of posts. I would be even ready to work antisocial hours)

  3. I am a frequent visitor of your shops and a wrighter-beginner. To be honest, it was my first visit to your shop that lit a fire of inspiration inside me and I decided to try myself in jotting my train of thoughts down. And now I saw that you are looking for an employee! I am not very experienced, but practice makes perfect, eh? :) And I am ready to tackle any tasks to get the job I`ve always dreamed of!

  4. No matter what is going on is a common goal for many people, according to our train of thoughts.

  5. This post is absolutely in your vocabulary, Hanna!)Reading books broaden our minds in the twinkle of eye! Mind you, I have gotten a strong desire to become your future employee!))