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An alien's message

My fellow aliens, I have to tell you terrible news. Our starship, which formerly was a beautiful symbol of our cutting-edge technologies, was destroyed by evil creatures. There are only ruins, and I had no choice but go to the museum in order to find some other reconditioned starship, but there were only tanks. As we are afraid of horses (and people here have even a place to keep this dangerous animal called "stables"!), I have made a decision to hide. Here are my coordinates, which we used even when people had this medieval period of history: (^• ω •^) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ. This is a dilapidated semi-detached house, which is situated on the outskirts of the town. You can see that there are three doors, but one actually leads to "ultra-modern" shed. I would like to have a villa or a mansion at least, but it's good as well. There could be a patio or a yard, but this building was abandoned many years ago and slowly have fallen into decay, so it's hard to say anything. It looks like an ancient building. Everything in it is out of date, but it is not so bad, because there is a nice cellar with reproductions of photos of Mr. Stalin, who was a very inportant person in this country. I hope I won't find his remains here, because I can't even allow him a study as there is nothing like this here. There is a loft, suitable for living. I think it is well-preserved, but it would be nice to renovate it and to have an ability to look at the stars above in the French window. There is also a larder, which is in mint condition, so I am going to put there people's brains in ashtrays. Moreover, there are cute second-hand draped curtains. 
 I have found an antique genuine German clock and I have an intention to trace its history back to our era. They still believe in time, just you can imagine! I think it'll be as good as new very soon, such devices cost 14758603857637598 dollars. I guess I'll give them to my children.  They'll be loaded, I guess. 
Well, I've got to go. Please, help me, I can't destroy this planet without you. 
Hugs and kisses, 
Adfsijokmrngodinvnkldf-Dooolhfdeglvadsmvol Geg

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